What is SSL Certificate and How Does it Work?

When we say SSL Certificate, we are referring to the little data files. These are the ones that combine the cryptographic keys with the association’s information digitally. You need to install it on your web server. Upon the installation process, it will then activate both the https protocol and the padlock. As a result, it will enable you to transfer more secure connections to a browser from the webserver.

Generally, it is being utilized for data logins and transfers. Not only that, but it is also popular to have more secure and safer credit card transactions. Currently, it can now be used in securing the browsing history of the different social media sites.

SSL Certificates are being used in combining the organizational name and the location. It is also used in binding the hostname or the server name and the domain name. Every organization is required to install the SSL certificate on its web server. This will enable them to perform a more secure transferring with the use of their browsers.

When your organization has a secure connection, the entire traffic on the webserver will be protected against the possible malware attack and hackers. When you install this on your server, the HTTP or the application protocol will turn into HTTPS—the S at the end servers as the security.

How Does SSL Certificate Work?

The main work of the SSL certificate is known as public-key cryptography. The type of cryptography will form a wall between the two keys that are known in creating numbers. The first key is called the private key, and the other one is known as the public key.

You can get the public key from the public domain. It is being utilized in encrypting the messages. For instance, if Pauly received a message from Dualy, then Dualy will lock the public key of Pauly. In order for the message to get decrypted, the private key of Pauly needs to be unlocked.

Pauly is the only person who has the private key. This only means that Pauly can use the private key in unlocking the message of Dualy. The hacker can get the cryptographic code from the message of Dualy. This code cannot be broken even you use a specialized computer. This is possible when the hacker intercepts the text before Pauly unlock his private key.

If we are going to relate it to the website, the connection happens between the server and the website. The website is Dualy, while the server is Pauly.


It is important for you to install SSL certificates in protecting the delicate details about your website, including the passwords, usernames, and the credit card details. Aside from that, it will also ensure that your website will have increased Google ratings. It will also help you to have increased trust for your customers. Lastly, SSL certificates are known for enhancing conversion rates.

But make sure that you will install the SSL certificates that are issued by the Certificate Authority.

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