What Is Guest Posting & How To Write A Guest Post

What is quest posting?

Guest posting is writing and publishing an article on another site or blog. The guest post allows you to enter an already established community of readers and share your message. It allows you to connect with new people which can bring you good results if you do everything right.

The blogger whose blog is written in that way gets fresh content on a certain topic. In addition to signaling to Google that something is happening on the blog, the blogger also gets an additional base of keywords and a better chance of someone reaching the blog via the classic Google search.

How does guest blogging work?

The blogger who is a guest practically gives one of his texts for free, gets some kind of promotion of his name, but also the opportunity to pull backlinks to his blog through the text. In this way, the guest blogger creates a backlink and influences the better positioning of his blog. However, before you start writing texts for someone else’s blog, decide and define what your goal is.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

The four common goals of a guest post are:

  • Positioning as an authority and a well-known name in a certain niche
  • Increase traffic back to the blog
  • Build backlinks to your blog
  • Promote your blog without spending money (but it needs time)

With the right content, you can achieve all four. If your goal is to achieve the first or the second, then find blogs that have a large and active audience.

If you are trying to achieve the third goal from the list, determine blogs with strong authority.

The basics of good blogging can also be applied to guest blogging because they are so important.

These are the basics of how to write a guest post.

  • Write content that is unique and has not been used anywhere before
  • Separate the post with pictures, titles, theses
  • Write your best work. blog posts are for the blogger as images for the artist. They are your portfolio and represent you.
  • Make the article relevant to the content the blogger has posted in the past
  • Give as much value as possible to the new audience you interact with

If you write good content for other sites, your articles will be approved and you will feel all the benefits of guest posting. However, if you do not make an effort and write a bad article, then you have done nothing but waste your time. Even if they publish your posts, no one will bother to visit your site and of course, they will not subscribe to future news.

Things to pay attention to when writing a blog for someone else’s site

The topic of the blog post

It is not recommended that the guest article is on a topic that will be totally outside the topic of the blog. That would not make sense because of the audience, also because of the SEO optimization of the site.

Spelling mistakes

This is an opportunity to present yourself in the best light, and spelling mistakes will not bring you positive points. Check your grammar and writing on one of the sites if you are not completely sure of your knowledge, your mistakes will not only affect your reputation but also the reputation of the host blogger

Be professional

Be careful not to make any comments on a personal or racial basis while blogging for others. Some people believe that controversy brings more traffic. However, it does not work that way. You will build a negative image of you online which will not help your rating. So, make sure you behave the best you can while blogging as a guest. This can help you a lot in the long run in terms of quality traffic, good ratings, and long-term subscribers.

A few more tips for more effective and better guest blogging

Write great content

We mentioned this earlier in this article, but I believe it is worth repeating because of the importance of this step. Remember: even if you publish your article on someone else’s site, it does not guarantee any results.

The best way to make sure you take full advantage of guest blogging is to write the best possible articles for other sites. This means that they will

a) want you to write for them again

and b) get visits and thus subscribers from their site.

Put an optimized link in your signature

Guest blogging has been around for a while, and there are hundreds of people doing it. The biggest mistake people make, however, is to simply leave a simple link to their site in the article’s footer. While it’s obvious that you need to put a link to your site at the bottom of your post, you’ll benefit more if you change the anchor text to the phrase you want to rank for on Google.

Respond to comments

Since guest blogging consists of writing for relevant sites, it is important to be a professional and be friends with influential people in your niche. Not only should you make an effort to make contacts via email with the blogger you are writing about, but you should also respond to as many comments as possible when your article is published.

Have great content waiting for them

People will appreciate you not only for what you write on someone else’s site but also for what awaits them when they get to yours. If visitors don’t like what they see, or they feel they won’t lose much if they don’t read your article, they won’t subscribe.

Final thoughts

Guest blogging may seem harder compared to your normal blogging, but the most important thing is to do good research. See what topics are common to you and the blog you are writing for, try to find access to the blog that is specific to you, without compromising the previous work of the blog. Write naturally and uniquely, that is the best way to attract new subscribers. And lastly, make good connections, because that’s how you build a quality career and an enviable reputation.

If you are looking for more free ways to promote your blog, check out how to promote your website using social media.

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