How To Promote Your Blog With Pinterest

So, you just created a blog and want to know how to drive more traffic to your site. Have you ever considered Pinterest? Pinterest offers an untapped market that is much more engaging than traditional forms of self-promotion.

Learning How To Promote Your Blog With Pinterest opens up a new audience that you might not have known existed. Compared to other platforms, you can find less competition because it hasn’t been around as long. Pinterest continues to grow; promoting your blog can boost traffic to your site and grow your audience.

Why Pinterest?

Did you know that a pin is actually over a hundred times more influential than a tweet? This is because pins don’t get lost in the overwhelming amount of tweets that will bury them so deep, they can’t be found.

A pin can also drive three times more traffic to your blog because they are more interactive to the consumer. They also represent what people are looking for, so when your topic is searched, a Pinterest user is more likely to take action.

Pinterest offers a vast user base with the ability to take action right away on engaging content. It is no wonder why so many are seeing the power of a pin over other forms of social media.

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How To Promote Your Blog With Pinterest

We will go through the steps to optimize your profile and what you should be doing to get users to engage with your blog. Let’s get started and see how to promote my blog with Pinterest.

Setting Up Your Profile

It is essential to set up your profile and tell people who you are and why they should check you out. When you set up your profile, make sure you are doing these things to get the most out of your account.

Picture of You

This is a great way to connect to your audience and let people see the face behind the blog. People love to support others in their journey, so don’t be shy and get your face out there. Try to avoid logos because they become too impersonal and lose an element of trust.

Your Bio

Take the time to optimize your bio by integrating keywords about your niche. This will help you show up on more searches and let people know what your blog is about.

Link Your Other Accounts

When you link your other accounts, you will be able to take advantage of additional analytics from those other accounts. It will also allow people to follow you a lot quicker when you come up in their search.

Pin Your Best Blogs

Don’t go and pin everything that you’ve created because then you won’t seem genuine. Take the best of the best and pin them to your board. Doing so will allow you to see an increase in users checking out your blog.

Research Your Topic

Do your research and make sure that you are pinning relevant terms. This will enable you to be seen when people are looking for your niche.

Use High-Quality Images

This one is huge because Pinterest is very visual, so you want to be able to capture someone’s attention with high-quality images. A great image will help the user decide to click on your pin.

There are plenty of websites where you can download free photos like

Create A Great Description

Use your descriptions because it will tell people quickly why they need to click on your pin. No one will do this better than you, so do it on every pin to make sure the right message is being received. These keywords will also get you recommended to other pinners so you can grow within Pinterest.

Use Hashtags

Unlike keywords, these are slightly different but give your audience a great way to #findyou when you post anything. All they will have to do is search the hashtag, and you will become a part of that search.

Call Your Audience to Action

Adding a call-to-action gives the user a chance to invest with you. Involving them can create meaningful relationships when they are willing to perform the action you called for.

Add A Pin It Button to Your Blog Posts

A pin it button on your site gives your audience an easy way to promote your blog. All they have to do is click a button and let everyone they know see how great you are. This is simple to do but will pay significant dividends by giving everyone an easy promotional tool.

Your Boards

This is where a user can get to know you. Use your boards to show a user that you are an expert in the space.

Make A Board That Relates to Your Brand

Pin posts that are relevant to your blog by other leading experts in your niche. Make sure you like their work because you are recommending them, and people take that seriously. Also, pinning those posts adds ways for everyone to trust in what you have to say.

Use Keywords as Board Names

Use keywords for your boards to make them more searchable. This will drive Pinterest users to you and then onto your blog. However, make sure what your pinning is relevant to the keyword so you will be taken more seriously.

Pin Daily

Pinning daily will help you show that you are active and always around. This will also give Pinterest the information that you are staying new and fresh, so they should show more of you. If you can convince Pinterest, you are relevant, then their users will follow.

Make Sure Your Boards Are Up to Date

Check on your boards regularly to ensure they are filled with up to the date information and free of spam. Pinning something more than once can result in Pinterest concluding you are spamming your board and hurt your visibility on the platform. Small adjustments can go a long way.

Final Thoughts on How To Promote Your Blog With Pinterest

Now you don’t have to ask yourself how to promote my blog on Pinterest anymore. Following these steps will optimize your account and drive traffic your way. Pinterest still offers a massive untapped market that will allow you to reach new heights with your blog.

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