How To Promote Your Blogs For Free

Blogging is not new and it’s not really surprising to know that a lot of individuals and companies today are starting their own websites.

Whether you own a business or you have a passion for posting blogs online, having a site makes a huge impact. With your own website, you can post as many articles as you want and you can promote your products and services as frequently as you can. The only thing that will be a challenge is how you can market your blog.

There are easy and simple ways so you can promote your blog without paying a single cent. If you are curious about how you can do it, here are few tips on How To Promote Your Blogs For Free.

How To Promote Your Blogs For Free

Promote Your Blogs Through Guest Posting

Did you know that one way you can advertise your blog for free is through guest posting? You’ve read it right! You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money just to let people know about your website. Guest posting has been helping a lot of bloggers, writers, and companies since the day it was introduced.

For those who don’t know what’s guest posting, guest posting is the process of writing an article and posting it on someone’s blog or website. That being said, there are websites and blogs that offer guest posting for free. If you manage to find one popular site that allows other authors and writers to post their own content, that’s one thing you should not miss out on.

Read more about how to use guest posting to promote your blog.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

Aside from free marketing, guest posting has a lot of benefits for blog owners. In fact, it can build relationships virtually. What bloggers need is good content. They aim for writers who can contribute meaty articles to add value to their websites.

If you are a good blogger or writer and you can provide exceptionally good write-ups for that particular site, then you are building a relationship with the other blogger. This is a great way to expand your network as bloggers make up the majority of conversations taking place on the internet.

Guest posting is also a method of introducing you to new people online. When you guest post on one website, you are reaching the blog’s target viewers. If you and the owner of that blog have different niches, you will likely be introduced to a new market where you can find new clients.

You will meet new people that can benefit you. You can establish a new community and with the help of them, your blog will reach far beyond your expected reach.

Of all the benefits you can get from guest posting, improving your search engine appearance is the most important. When readers want to read something on the internet, the first thing they will do is search using Google or other search engines.

While having your own blog helps a lot, search engines can also detect backlinks on other websites. This is where guest posting comes into place. When you post an article on one website, you have to make sure that the link to your blog is attached either at the beginning or end of the post. That’s how you can improve the ranking of your own blog for free.

Promote Your Blogs Through The Use Social Media Sites

Another way to promote your blogs without spending money is through the use of social media. We all know that social media is the most powerful platform when it comes to marketing. The traditional methods of advertising such as printing banners and posters, ads on billboards, etc., are losing to digital marketing.

The reasons are obvious. Digital advertising is different from the conventional one. A lot of advantages and opportunities are on the internet and as a blogger, you wouldn’t want to miss that out.

To start promoting your blog, you have to build your online brand. Choose a platform where you want to advertise. You can select from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. Once you have chosen, start creating your page or profile. If you prefer having a separate social media account for your blog, it’s totally fine. There are bloggers who make pages for better management. You can also use your personal account to post and link your blog site, especially if you have a good number of followers and a big network.

Check out our article about how to promote your blog on Pinterest for a detailed guide.

After creating your online profile, you can then begin posting your masterpiece. Just make sure to include the link of your blog on your post so that you can redirect your followers to your main site. Use high-quality photos and descriptions that can make your readers stop scrolling. Choose an article that can appeal to the readers even if you don’t use a lot of captions.

Why social media is important for every blogger?

What’s great about using social media is that it is for free. You don’t need to invest your money just to promote your blog. You can already reach a huge audience just by posting your blog link on different social media sites. But, ensuring that you have enough friends or followers is vital in this matter. Because without people watching your profile, you won’t be able to get to your target market.

So, you really have to work on building your online presence if you want your free promotion to work.

Another reason why social media is worth the try is that there are more people using it. Billions are on Facebook. Millions are utilizing Instagram to connect. Lots of people are watching Youtube videos all the time. If you have a social media presence, you will never run out of audiences and readers for your blogs and articles.

Although there is an option to pay for your promotion, why would you do it if there’s a way to earn readers for free? Just like guest posting, social media can give you endless opportunities. You just need to know where to start and how to utilize it properly.

How to promote your blog without social media

If you have just started your own blog, the first thing you should do is look for ways to promote it so that it can reach a very wide audience; and especially an audience that is interested in the content that will be published on your blog.

In content marketing, it is as important to get public as that audience we get to be the right one, because otherwise all our online marketing strategies will be useless, however good they may be.

Once we have this clear idea, the next thing we need to ask ourselves is where we are going to launch our promotions and try to contact potential clients for our business. The first answer, and the most logical for the time of digitization in which we live, is to think about using all the available social networks and carrying out different types of advertising campaigns; which is correct but not the only solution.

It is undeniable that social networks with an excellent content promotion tool, since many small entrepreneurs have decided to start their business through some of these networks and have succeeded, but it is not always so; Internet is a broad business network and if we only use the reach of social media, we will be limiting ourselves to a very specific audience when we can actually reach double the reach if we know how to use other online marketing media.

Right now you’ll be wondering, how to promote your blog without social media? Below, we will explain other ways of online advertising as effective as the use of social networks.

You want to take your blog to the top? Take note!

Write quality content

It seems obvious, but many times when we start a blog we focus so much on generating traffic that we forget about the quality of the content we are offering.

The algorithm that Google uses is much more intelligent and analytical than we can imagine, being able to detect and highlight only those articles written with a proper grammar and voice, and on the contrary, it is able to penalize those quick publications that are not contributing anything new on a topic on the net.

The traffic we generate will depend directly on the quality of our posts and not so much on the advertising we make of them: the bad content will generate poor traffic and vice versa. Therefore, before we start publishing articles quickly and without too much discretion, we should spend some time analyzing well what we want to write and whether that content is really good and useful for our audience.

Create your own target person

And that means creating an objective person? It is to delimit the range of users who will really be attracted by the content of your blog. A target person usually presents himself with a fictitious name and biographical data, so that all people who can be included with the characteristics of that profile can be more easily included as part of the followers loyal to your blog and your content.

It is a good way to narrow your search range among the public and make your content much more concrete and direct; avoiding generating superfluous and generalist articles.

Know your subject

You really know what you’re writing about? Google’s statistics explain that those blogs that generate the most traffic are those that have articles of more than 2000 words and with a wide variety of quality keywords, with which users end up clicking on their posts.

It is not the same to write an article on a subject we know little about and on which we need to resort to many external sources to produce a short article, to write about something in which we are experts and about what we can contribute different verified sources of professional information.

All these aspects are analyzed by the search engines and will make your blog ascend or descend in the web results grid. We must therefore always be very clear about what we are talking about, otherwise we will be penalised and never reach the desired audience.

Focus on the use of longtail

You know the term longtail? It refers to long-term keywords.

For you to understand better, here is an example:

  • “running” : this keyword would be short-tailed, we would be referring to the action of running and doing sport but without giving more details or useful information on that subject.
  • “running tips and tricks for beginners” : this is a key word for longtail.

In traffic that generate the main terms without a long sentence accompanying them is very low and very difficult to improve, so the only way that Google offers us and similar is to enhance that term with the use of long-phrase keywords.

This is because most queries that users make on Google are composed of more than one word, having more chances of being found by a person if your post contains long main terms than just short keywords and no information relevant to the user.

Get Reference Traffic

This what we call backlinks. A good way to increase your visits and improve your visibility in the results list is to get reference traffic from popular websites. There is no better way to help yourself between similar blogs than to add direct links that lead your readers to another blog article with content similar to that you want to promote; it’s kind of today by you tomorrow by me.

The truth is that when your articles are mentioned on prestigious websites, your reputation will go up like foam and in a much faster way than if you tried to do it all alone. So don’t forget, try to promote reference traffic between blogs of the same subject and you will all win!

This might be time consuming and one of the hardest tasks a blogger need to do. One way to get backlings and traffic back to your website is through guest posting.

If you need an agent to help you with guest posting, try THEHOTH. I tried them once and happy with their customer support.

Final thoughts

These are some of the many ways you can grow your blog traffic without having to resort to any social network. If you want to reach a very broad and quality audience, following these tips will help you a lot in the beginning. Don’t hesitate and try it!

Blogging is amazing. If you started a blog as a hobby, it may turn to be your main source of income. Regardless of the reason behind starting a blog, you will need a domain name and hosting company to start your website. Have a look on the list best hosting companies I picked for you.

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