How to Promote Blogs on Social Media – 7 Simple Tips

In 2020, you definitely want to learn how to promote blogs on social media if you want to achieve financial freedom and protect yourself financially from the crisis that will follow the outbreak.

As the global economy is falling deeper by the day and the number of companies going out of business is going well over 30 million, making money through blogging is one of the best ways to become independent financially.

However, starting to get a passive income with blogging takes time, patience, and above all it requires strong marketing skills. While you can definitely promote your blogs without social media, leveraging the power of social media is key if you want to be successful.

Even if making money with blogging is not your purpose, you should still capitalize on the free tools offered by social media platforms to take your blogs to a whole new level.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 8 simple steps you can use to promote your blogs on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Promote Blogs on Social Media

Tip #1: Promote your Posts on Promotional Sites

Promotional sites such as Medium, Zest, Growth Hackers, WordPress or Blogger are extremely helpful in driving targeted traffic to your actual blog and boosting your engagement rate. You can take your blog posts and create a few shorter versions or summaries. Simply post the summaries on these sites and then add a “read more” link at the end.

Note that the articles on Medium, Zest and other promotional sites rank extremely good organically, so you can grow your blog rankings quite good.

Tip #2: Use Integration Elements for Quick Sharing

By integrating social media platforms in your blog and by adding quick sharing buttons, you’ll make it easy for your blog readers to engage with your blog content and share it, like it or up-vote it.

If you are using WordPress, try the plugin “WP Socializer” for social sharing. It is free and provide a lot of handful features.

Of course, try to keep the button count minimal, since using too many may be overkill. Also, adding unnecessary widgets may make your site run slower than usual and may prevent it from loading on mobile devices.

Tip #3: Share your Blog Posts on Social Media Platform with Care

Yes, you want to share your posts on all social media platforms, but you also need to do it with care. What I mean here is that you need to keep certain aspects in mind, such as consistency, automation, the optimal time for posting, and the visual appeal of posts.

Try not to share your posts in the same day. Be consistent and share a post every few days, or once a week. If you write two posts in one week and then you’re planning to take your next week off, do not share the second one until the following week. In case you have a WordPress blog, you can capitalize on the “Publicize plugin” to automatically send new posts over to your social media accounts.

As for the optimal time for posting, you want to take a closer look at each network. For Facebook, you should determine the optimal posting time using Facebook Insights or other analytics tools. For Twitter, you should probably use Tweroid.

Lastly, be creative when creating the thumbnail about your posts and adding the image. You can upload different images and unique descriptions for posts on each social media platform.

Tip #4: Connect with Other Bloggers

Another great way on how to promote blogs on social media is to actually connect with other bloggers in your niche. It’s like teaming up with your competition with a common goal – help each other and offer a better experience to the end customers.

You can post comments on other bloggers’ posts or social media accounts, giving them all the props they deserve for their posts. You can also smartly entice them to check out your posts. Another thing you can do is to connect with bloggers and ask them to start a link exchange joint effort. This involves adding links on certain keywords that would direct users to their blogs, and vice-versa, with the other bloggers creating links towards your blog.

Additionally, you can create lists with top bloggers, then tell them about the list. The names of the list will certainly acknowledge your posts and will share them on their own social sharing sites.

Quest blogging can also be a great way to engage.

Tip #5: Leverage the Power of Quora and LinkedIn Posting

Quora and LinkedIn work amazingly well for both B2B companies and bloggers who want to get their name out there. On both of these networks you can respond to queries, answer questions and leave smart comments.

 Try not to look spammy, but leave clever comments and add a link back to your blogs whenever possible. Capitalize on Quora’s “Ask a question” feature to ask people relevant questions and add a smart link to your blogs.

Tip #6: Create an Infographic & Presentation with your Posts

Another exceptional way to promote your blogs across social media is to capitalize on the benefits offered by infographics and presentations. You can turn your blog posts into infographics and SlideShare presentations. Both of them can be quickly shared on other platforms and can provide high-quality content in an easy-to-digest way.

The great thing about Slideshare is that it also ranks your content organically. This means that you can be discovered on Google, Yahoo and Bing, without even lifting a finger. You’ll get free traffic to your SlideShare account and then potentially to your blogs.

Tip #7: Start a Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the best networks you can use as a blogger. You can start your own Facebook page and gain likes and subscribes from people you don’t even know. You can then create contests on the page and event, plus promote your page all across other social media networks.

How to Promote a Blog Post On Instagram

Instagram is a perfect tool to promote your blog. You can artfully use this visual platform in driving the targeted traffic to your blogs by using your video and posts skills.

However, finding the right mixture of tools and methods to grow your blogs and get higher traffic numbers can be very tricky, especially if you are starting. This is why we have put together a few tricks on how you can use Instagram in promoting your blogs.

Share the Blog Post to Your Instagram Stories

A better way of making your post easily accessible by your potential followers is by making use of Instagram stories. Why? According to research, this is where your followers are. 70% of Instagram users usually watch Instagram stories every day, with the popularity of the stores not shrinking any time soon.

Therefore, using Instagram stories in promoting your blog content is a great step to hooking your existing followers. Additionally, you get the chance to reach new fans who can help your blog grow potentially.

Create a Network with Different Bloggers to Enlarge your Reach

When figuring out how you can make use of Instagram in promoting your content, it is easy to only put your focus on things that you can do and neglect to consider how others can help you out. In reality, building secure connections with fellow bloggers will help expose your content to different and new audiences who can benefit from your latest blogs.

You can easily make use of networking promotion through the following tips:

  • Search for influencers, accounts, companies and brands that naturally complement your industry, blog topic and interest.
  • Support and interact these accounts genuinely, by commenting, sharing and liking.
  • With time introduce yourself and take advantage of any opening for partnership, collaborations and features if available.

Are you curious about where to locate bloggers who are in the same niche as you? You can start by researching the relevant hash-tags. This way you get to see how popular the hash-tags are and the number of posts attached to the hash-tags

Make Use of Breathtaking Videos and Images

Getting the attention of new Instagram users will highly depend on the impression your blog offers. Instagram being a visual platform, the videos and images you use will have a direct impact on whether or not you will grow your followers, blog traffic or engagement.

Unless you are at the tip-top of your Instagram followers’ feed every time, the chances are that they need to scroll through their feeds before they encounter your post. The longer the scrolls, the lesser the chances of your followers stoping to examinine the images they see.

This means that the videos and pictures you choose must have the ability to disrupt their mind while perusing. The photographs and videos act as a fairy-tale cover. This also applies you are promoting your content on Facebook.

Tell your Instagram Followers a Story that they will not Resist

Every blog post tells a different story. Whether you are writing about a recipe, wellness or fashion, there is always that underlying story that your readers will connect with. To fully maximize on this, ensure you sway your readers or even change their life through compelling content.

Giving your followers a taste of your journey and the happy ending will compel them to click more and more of your blogs. Your content should, therefore, tie along with your eye-catching images or videos.

The hook in all your stories will always play a vital role in drawing the attention of your followers.

Come up with an Instagram Caption that Can Drive Traffic to your Blogs

A Caption is considered a crucial element in driving traffic to a website or connecting with the audience. However, many people tend to leave this out. When posting on Instagram, we focus more on the post’s image and end up writing the caption as reconsideration.

Caption by Smart Tickers

This, therefore, means you need to flip the way you approach your Instagram blogs for a game charging experience. An area that deserves more time when planning your Instagram content is the caption.

While the video or image will snag the attention of your followers, it’s always the caption that your Instagram followers will relate emotionally and drive the desire to read more.

How to choose a story for Instagram

The story you choose to tell in your caption plays a significant role in your posts. And here is how you can come up with a unique caption:

  • Come up with the most relatable approach to starting your caption. This can be a funny question, a shocking hook or a question.
  • Be realistic to your Instagram followers by sharing relatable experiences or thoughts from your life, particularly when they relate to your blog’s ultimate purpose.
  • Always give your followers a happy ending in your stories through zeroing in the core desires that any follower interested in your content might have. Will the topic increase their happiness, make them more fulfilled or answer their goals?
  • A call to action will help in showing your followers where to find a happy ending. However, your call to action should not be complicated. Instated it should guide your readers on the next step to take and reinforce what they are likely to find there.

Many people usually fear to push too hard when writing a call to the action part. If you genuinely believe in your content and how it is going to help someone or answer his or her question, you are not just a salesperson.

You are also sharing your experience through providing tools that can help in improving someone’s life differently. Therefore go as hard as you can.

Keep in mind that most of the outlined aspects in this article apply to many social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter only if applied in a better and unique way.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to promote blogs on social media without having to go to great lengths or invest any money. Simply be creative, do not be afraid to get into partnerships with other bloggers, and maximize the free tools offered by all the social media platforms to automate the posting job and gain precious insights about the right time to post.

Whether you already have a blog, or planning to start one, make sure to check out the list of top hosting companies I selected for you.

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